Everybody is capable of achieving success. Success is simply what happens when you take a small step forward every single day. It just depends upon whether you are willing to do the right things every day.

IMN can show you what to do; we can encourage you to do it & our International network offers a global market & worldwide exposure so you can achieve fast results like our members.


  • Entrepreneurs
  • Property Investors
  • Professionals
  • Established New Zealand businesses looking to connect globally
  • Businesses looking to grow – we can really help here with some accountability
  • People looking for capital
  • Start-ups or people who don’t have a business yet
  • Frankly, anyone who wants to be the best they can be…


    • We give you the tools, To Start, Grow & Expand Your Business
    • We support you
    • We connect you
    • We are your accountability group
    • We show you how to maximize your profits
    • Access the IMN closed Facebook group and connect with members around the world as soon as you join
    • Use this portal to share ideas or to find deals, partners and capital to launch your growth

Sign up and Start connecting with our International members today.

It doesn’t matter where you are now, all that matters is that you focus on the person you want to be and will be.

Together we have the action plan irrespective of whether you’re a multi-million dollar company wanting to link with overseas billionaires or you’re just  starting.

As soon as your join we are your accountability network and we’re here to get you there and make it happen!

Talk is cheap! Now let’s look at some results.

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