SAVE THE DATE: Tuesday 1st MAY 

Tim Alpe, the CEO & Founder is sharing his JUCY secrets behind their sucess.

Tim will share his key strategies around how he has driven growth through listening to his customers to built a community of over 70,000 Facebook fans, 22,000 followers on Instagram, 10 million You Tube views.

He will explain what Jucy are doing to innovate every day to make their customer’s experience amazing and he will share his internal and external brand Vision as well as some of the challenges he has overcome in taking his rapidly expanding company global.

This event is free to attend will provide some amazing insight and strategy for those who attend to take back and implement into their own businesses.


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  1. Thanks Michael. Have registered.Best Wishes. Linda Lucy Haines.

    1. Thanks Linda, let’s get out there and spread the word

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Tim Alpe shares his JUCY secrets…

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