Romanes Eunt Domus!

One of the keys to success is taking action. In order to ensure this happens we need someone to hold us accountable and I thought I’d share a story about my latin teacher, Alan Black.    

I was a 13 year old boy and Alan Black, a Scotsman put the fear of god into the entire class.

We had latin once a week between 2pm – 3pm every Friday. He had high standards that were non- negotiable. He would expect certain things and there was always accountability if his expectations were not met.

1. Punctuality. I made the mistake of being two minutes late for the class once. This resulted in an immediate detention of 2 hours. So the lesson I learnt was that I could get away with being late for other things, but never Latin! One hour of detention for every minute late. No excuses were allowed except death!

2. High Standards achieve High Results. Every week we had a Latin test. Always twenty questions. If you got more than two questions wrong you were given one hour of detention for every question you got wrong [and a word spelt with one letter wrong was “an entirely different word”

As you can imagine, the class was never late and worked harder in this subject than any other. So what’s the message? Two things

  1. To achieve results you need a structure of accountability built into your daily plan. Make sure you get it done. Don’t just talk about it.
  2. Latin teachers can be tyrants!  [I think John Cleese also had Alan Black!] click on the link below and find out why we use the locative!





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