What makes IMN unique is that we provide you with the tools to grow your business in a positive and supportive environment as well as link entrepreneurs across the globe.

Membership allows access to a wide assortment of learning materials and we study millionaires and multi-millionaires to dissect how exactly they built and continue to grow their businesses so we can implement these strategies within our own businesses. We achieve results.

Upon joining, members receive JTFoxx’ coaching blueprint which covers topics like Innovation, Strategy, Creating Ideas; Strategic Risk Taking, vertical thinking, how to raise capital and generation of more leads to name a few topics.

At the start of each meeting there is a members only accountability session where we help keep you on track, get out of your comfort zone and drive yourself to achieve the results.

With our  rapidly expanding network all over the world in the US, Canada, UK, South Africa, Europe, Australia and Asia we can connect you with members from all over the world looking for deals, partners and/or invest in new business ideas through our portal but first let’s grow you.

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